2009-06-27, 8:35 p.m.

Oh my god, it's Saturday night alr! AHHHH ): After tmr, it'll be school! Sigh, really not that looking forward to school anymore. Sem one was so tiring :/ & at least I had this break. Sem two will totally be hell. I'll have to start preparing for my Os in November / December. BIG SIGH ):

Was thinking how I really aspired to be like Yvonne 姐姐 or Peck Ying, but it seems so impossible. It feels like it's such a far-fetched dream. Sigh ): I wanna be like them, but I don't know howwww. Maybe the difference lies in that when they have free time like this, they'll go mug. I know Yvonne 姐姐 studies loads. As in, her grades are expected to be straight As since she's the daughter of Kaogong. Sigh, maybe it's the pressure which I don't have. Rahhhhhhh. I don't want to be a doctor, but I want to get into a gooooood school ): Mummy was clearing the storeroom / house just now , and she digged out Sapph's CJ uniform. My Mum said it could be left for me but my sis said my legs were too long, couldn't wear it anw. & I was thinking "Do I want to get into CJ?" I wanna get into NJ )))): but it's like .. -.-" First and foremost, my mathhhh ): it needs to be a B at least. I shouldn't be getting Cs anymore ): sigh. Quite confident in my Scienes, Chinese is a must A sub. English is ._. I really think the problem lies with Miss P. She's always making us do group work. & my group's abit.. -.-" Sigh. I need to get a B at least. B3 , for EL next term. She said I need to improve my Humans too.. SIGH. BIG SIGHHHH ):

My script. Screwed. Haven't started. Okay a little, but still equally screwed. SIGH ):

Okay, dinnertime. Walking down with Daddy. Maybe the only comforting thing is that I'm still spending time with my parents (: My dad, my mum. Wheeee :D

Okay, I'll post again tmr. Most probably , haha :)

Yihui <3

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