2009-07-03, 8:46 p.m.

Ohgod, finally. I'm posting! Hahaha :D

Yay, the first week of school has been awesome :) I received my pressies on Monday! Yay :) Sherms & Girl shared this pacifier thing which is damn nice to hug :) Cheryl, Vet & Swee shared a bear, Rachel gave me a Byakuya photo frame and my Angel #2 gave me an Eeyore! Hahahha :) Awesomeness yo :D I feel so lucky. & the next day, Ner passed me what she sewed for me. It's this pouch / case thingy which has my name on it. Hahahahha :) I love it so much. Wheeee :D Well, adding it up with my other pressies.. The cushion from Shirlene, the Bearrrrr from Chelsea and Priya and the Garfield from Kerrui. Hahahha :) Yay :D:D OH. My first present on that night! As in, on my birthday itself, the Gucci phone accessory from Sapph & Johnathan. I don't know if that's how you spell his name, but okay, oops sorry if I spelt it wrongly, lol. I think it's Jon though :P

School has been fun :) we changed our timetable. So now we have Biospa and Chemspa on our timetable. Been quite slack this week :D drew four pages of graphs! I have two more to draw :P shall draw tmr. I'M NOT DOING ANY WORK TONIGHT. Except for Ydjc. Hahahha :) Omg I'm so effing pissed about Tingxie! I got one word wrong ): so I didn't get full marks. No wait, it was two, but it was half a mark off each, so I got 49/50. I could cry man T.T Tingxie supposed to get full marks de. Sighhhh T.T

I'm still in quite a holiday mood. Lol. Did quite abit this week? We went to the Galilee Centre on Wednesday. Wah, spent so much on cab. Can cry man. Sigh, I think from now on I bring twenty bucks to school enough le, lol. Then yday we spent the entire afternoon doing up the uglier ones :/ like erasing them and redo-ing them, lol. & today was just slack, besides summary test. I'm definitely going to fail it; I wrote 131 words only, lol. Sadddd ):
I forgot what I did on Tuesday, OH, but Monday we went to.. Pepper Lunch! :D Ner didn't come though, hahaha :D & we had a heart to heart on Wednesday. As in, Sherms, Girl & I, about Cheok. & we figured that she's actually a very sad girl actually. Sigh. Why are there so many problems.

& just today, I found out about Qixuan & Nicole & Pamela & some other people. & I was completely 'huh'? But yeah, SIGH~! This world is so full of crap. Honestly. "Life sucks. & then you die." It's so true. Hahahha :) but recently I came up with one too! It's called "If you don't laugh more before you die, you're going to lead a very sad life." Hahahha :) it motivates me to laugh and smile! Hahha :D

I just remembered something. I remember stealing Rachel's notebook when we were in Primary one. Cus it was so pretty and I didn't wanna waste money buying it, so I took hers. No, I stole hers. Nine years later, I still remember it. I guess that's what they call by "Having it on your conscience". Lol. Maybe I should confess it to her someday. That I stole her notebook in Primary one. I still rememebr it looked pretty cute, ahahah :)

What else. Ohyeah, we did this 〈〈珍惜〉〉 chapter today. It's supposed to have been by Helen Keller, but they translated it and stuff. It was pretty inspirational, like what if you suddenly lost your sight? Wouldn't you find everything around you now doubly precious? Hahaha, the fact that you're able to even see it should be quite comforting. Lol. But I was thinking instead, that people who can't see and hear since birth're probably the happiest people on Earth. Cym said that he thought people who couldn't see since birth aren't as bad as those who go blind after living for ten or twenty years. I mean, there's the shock you have to deal with and the life after losing your sight. But people who can't see or hear since birth naturally will find the world a better place.
Look, if you can't see, you'll imagine. When there's nothing in comparision to imagine about, you imagine the best. The same for hearing. If you can't hear what people are saying, you should be imagining the best. It's like that frog who fell into the well and couldn't come up. All those while, the frogs above were telling him to give up but he persisted and he made it up. When he made it up, they discovered that he was deaf. Sigh, don't ask me why I typed that story out. It just came to me. Lol ._. Yay, I'm liking this face more and more :)

& yay, I'm talking to Lihmaan and Zoey abit more now. It's picking up, I hope it doesn't fall back. I think I was better after the break, lol. I can't wait for Lihmaan's birthday! :D her present is so awesome :P I hope she'll like it though. She looks like those kind who won't want anything, lol :/

Okay, I'm running out of things to say. Hahaha, OHYEAH. I WANTED TO POST THIS DURING THE HOLIDAYS BUT I FORGOT. I was eating this strawberry ice-cream my mum bought from those door-to-door sales one night after dinner during the holidays, and it seemed so nice. Like seriously, the first mouthful which melted on my tongue felt so lovely. & suddenly two words fell into my head : Simple bliss. I believe in the past, Sapph & I could only pick either Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla for ice-cream. But now, there's Rum&Rasin, there's Mango, there's Cookies&Cream and all the other crap. Equally nice, but simple bliss still do exist :) just that maybe, Sapph & I don't experience it together anymore, lol.

Kay, I'm signing off. Yvette & Swee, make up soon okay! :)

Yihui <3

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