2009-07-10, 11:42 p.m.

Hahaha, gosh. It's so many people's birthdays today! Lihmaan, Rachel, Mrs Tan, AHHH ONE MORE PERSON. I forgot =x Well peeps, Happy Birthday! :)

Okay, this week was rather. Blah. Hahah :) E & A math test yday, quite okay! I didn't find it disastrous and I managed to finish the paper! Yay for me :D As in, I usually can't finish the paper and. More than often, fail it. Or not do very well. Hahhaha :) But I'm hoping to do quite well for this. To pull my Logs up. I definitely failed it. I just know. Hahaha :D

I saw the word "Chameleon" in Nineteen Minutes just now. It suddenly hit me that I might be one in disguise. Metaphorically. Cus chameleons never know which colour they really are, but it's real in any case. In other words, they have many sides of themselves, all of which aren't fake, but neither are they real. It's like, me. I don't know, when I saw the word I was instantly reminded of myself. How I behave and act like a chameleon, changing my masks frequently yet never discovering which is my real side. Okay I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

I was really tired today. Literally conked out in the car. Plus I was coughing the whole day. It was terrible :/ Sigh. But okay, no sore throat. Thank god. It's just cough, cough and more cough~ Sigh.

It's my break-day tmr! NOT GOING TO STUDY AT ALL. WOOHOOOOO :D Kay. I am seriously tired. But my hair's not dry. Rah. I have a feeling if I watch Mfbbt now, I'll fall asleep while watching. Forget it. Hahaha :D I WANNA OOVOO :D IN THE MOOD FOR OOVOOING NOW :D:D

Shit. My throat. Blah. Okay I'm signing off. Wheeee, <3 Rupert Grint & Emma Watson :D

Random-ness. & Awesome-ness. Bye! :D

Yihui <3

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