2009-07-25, 7:54 p.m.

Whee, finally. I am going to post. Wheeee :D

Our lit girls were soooo freaking awesome, please! They clinched double champions! For both upper sec & lower sec category! How awesome can they get! Heidi, Lorraine and Xinyi - Our brilliant seniors for Lit wing; Vernice, Jemie and Sabrina - Our ingenious juniors who managed it! (: So freaking proud of our juniors please. All of them, drama & lit. It's like, they have so much potential! Ohgosh.

Our sec ones were equally good! Gosh, I'M SO PROUD OF THEM. REALLY. IT WAS SO TOUCHING. But Hilly & Laura cried. Then I cried with them while comforting them. What the hell la! ._. I shall force myself to stop crying in future. AHHH, don't be sad, the both of you! :) you guys will do it the next year. Definitely. Just like how Drama will kick Dunman's asses next year! :D:D

After the entire thing, I walked out and I saw Laura. Okay well, not exactly saw-SAW, but Laura went "Yihui!" & we started talking. Hahhaa, I think she said Miss P told her to talk to me if I didn't hear wrongly. So we started talking about today, how Hilly's mothering them in Lit wing, how Hilly's not having a good time, how she feels attached to Hilly and so on. I got to know much from Laura and well, I couldn't say much. I just uh, did what I could. She went off for her Hillsong concert afterwards and I was alone.

I was looking for the River. Wanted to give it up until I saw the underpass. It was so near! I thought I was lost, hee :D So I went to chill by the river. & thought about loads of things. I saw a kid, a boy of about age 4? He stepped on the railings to get a better view of the river. I was looking at him throughout the time I was standing there. I thought how kids always struggle to have a better view of things. But when they do, they wished that they'd never. Sigh.

Thought about loads of things. It was really relaxing just walking next to the river. Loved it. I wanna walk there whenever I feel troubled! But it's so freaking far. It's at Clarke Quay! God ._. sigh. I shall be contented with my limited resources- my room which is not very sound-proof. Hahahha :) & there's no sound of water! Hahaha :P

Sigh, many things happened. As usual. & time is passing as I am typing this post. It's currently 9.05pm and I have not started on my Amath. Sigh. I think I'll start early tmr. Will sleep after I finish my videos which is one Mfbbt episode and one Bleach episode. Will try to wake up by 6. Hahahha, how sad. It's a freaking weekend. Okay I changed my mind, I'll wake up by either 7 or 8 :D

Lalala~ OH, & there was one poem today by another school which said "I cannot compete, because Death has never lost the race." For me, it'll probably be "I can't race with Time, because Time has never lost a race." Sigh, emo-ness. I'm so emo whenever I post ):

Okay, wanna watch my show / eat my jelly. Hee :D:D

Goodjob Sec1s/2s/3s! I'm really really proud of you guys! (: ROCK ON, ALL OF YOU! :D

Nights everyone,
Yihui ♥♥

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