2009-07-31, 10:26 p.m.

AHHHH, omg. I cried so much today. My eyes hurt from all the crying ):

Mfbbt really ended. Today. There won't be anymore Mfbbt. God, I cried like mad. Like, at the last part, I was literally howling. Not sobbing. Ohgosh. I still can't believe it. They've really ended Mfbbt. There won't be any more Mfbbt episodes from now on. From next week onwards. What the hell do I watch. Omg. I'm freaking sad. Depressed, whatever. The 我们之间 song started playing at the last part. I tell you, the music's always the trigger first. AHHH T.T Cried like. Mad. My tears. Ahhhh ): It's really really really really over.

Mfbbt has. Brought so much joy to me. I remember last year, how I'd laugh at them. Just laugh. It was because of them that I forgot my worries and overlooked my misery. They've brought me so much joy and tears. I'm so touched by their achievements. They went on Xiao Ju Dan, then Hong Kan after that. They've showed me that anything can be done, as long as you work hard. Especially Weilian :) he's like, my example to follow. From being a completely rhythm-retard, he transformed into A Member of Lollipop. God, I'm going to miss them <3 & Sapph even wrote in my birthday card- Not to be so stressed out by O levels, watch more Bangbangtang! But now, it's ended. How to watch ): But nevertheless, an end is a new beginning. Here's wishing that they'll be even more famous and better in their future endeavours :) They so totally rock, & always will <3

It's pretty hard to imagine though, for others. How Kim & I can cry so hard over strangers. It's just that. We've seen their hard work and efforts, & we are touched by it. That's why Lollipop's different from other boybands. They're people who didn't know each other at first. & now, they're people whose lives have changed completely. The best memories, best ties and bonds are from Mfbbt :)

"陪棒棒堂哭、陪棒棒堂笑,這一段日子是最美好的記憶。" Quoted from kerpohpwos. It's exactly how I feel. Cried with them, laughed with them, & now, extremely proud of them :) They'll be able to do it <3

Sigh. Think I'll apologise to my Mama later. For being so rude. But honestly, she has to pull that trigger every single time we talk about my leadership thingy, she has to mention what happened in P6. I know she's trying to remind me, but still. Doesn't she realise that compared to her, the lesson will stay etched in me forever? I'll never forget it, please. Why can't she understand and just stop hounding me with that issue. I got so irritated, I snapped. Big mistake.

Ah. I'm still depressed. Listening to 我们之间 now. It's what Ner gave us for our Christmas presents too. Sigh. No more Mfbbt. I'll have to get over it! :) Damnnnnn. It's what accompanied me through my shittiest times. Will always remember it. 模范棒棒堂 ftw forever <3

" 模范棒棒堂 正式退堂 "

I'm really sleepy. Yawns. Cried so much today. Freaking tired now. *Sinks into depression, sigh*

Yihui ♥♥

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