2010-03-21, 8:05 p.m.

Yesterday at this time, I was screaming my lungs out for my dearest SUPER JUNIOR <3

I can't believe it. It's really over. After 7 weeks = 56 days of countdown, it's really, really over. O-V-E-R. Feels so.. surreal. It was surreal when I saw them again. I mean, seeing them in Bangkok (hotel) and on stage was good but somehow it felt equally surreal yesterday. As Sapph said, it was the best and the worst day of my life. Worst because we spent how many hours boiling and roasting ourselves in the scorching sun, Best because that three hours, no that one song, made up for everything.

It was the best seat I could possibly get. We could see everything on stage. Omg the memory is so fresh in my mind! For kiasu-ness's sake, we went in at like 10 to 6 and got so damn excited over a couple of fakes. LOL. According to Sha, they were the 10 best dancers in Malaysia & Sapph said the crew were using them to do the sound and light testz. Okay they were not bad but the screams were so.. ._. Everyone screamed so loudly initially cus they thought it was Suju, haha! Then after that another solo singer came out and wasted more time. & there were so many advertisements. By the time the concert started, it was 8. & god, were they hot? I couldn't stop yelling cus I needed to release the adrenaline rush in me. Seriously, everything is imprinted in my mind more clearly than in Bangkok. Although there were less Eunhae interactions, there were wayyyy more things I could see clearly. It was really 'haengbok' :D

Okay lets start with the entrance. There were too many guards at our aisle so we thought there had to be something wrong. & as expected, as the names were announced, SUNGMIN ENTERED THROUGH OUR AISLE!! Omg. Although I didn't see him enter very clearly cus I was focusing more on the other members' hot entrances, I still feel quite.. YKNOW! & the entrances were.. way hot. They came up one by one using the thing that brings them up from basement to stage, stationed at different spots of the stage. AND THEN, MAN IN LOVE STARTED. OMG, THE FULL PERFORMANCE IS SO HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT. I WAS SO SCREAMING LIKE MADDDDDDDDDDDD! I missed half the performance in Bangkok, so I didn't know what it feels like to watch the whole performance, LIVE. Honestly, it was awesome. After that was U!! *Cus I can't stop thinking bout' you girl!* Hotnesssss overload :D & after that, IT'S YOU REMIXXXX!!!!!! OMG I COULD'VE FAINTED, THREE SO SUPERBLY HOT SONGS CONSECUTIVELY. JUST IMAGINE THE LEVEL OF HIGHNESS IN THE STADIUM AND IN THE FANS! Omg you could totally see their sweat after those three songs! Like, WET. Especially on screen when the camera zooms in onto them with the light on them. So hot <3 I should paragraph right. Haha :D

Okay yep anw after that was the ultimately cute intro!! First was Heechul who was introduced as Dangerous Cinderella! So cute please :D I can't remember the order, but basically Shindong was Cutie Pie, Magnae Kyuhyun was Hottest Baby, Siwon was the Living Work of Art, Yesung was the Bubble Boy, Eternal Magnae was Lovable Blurness <3, Sungmin was Ultimate Sweetness, Eunhyukkie was Bejewelled Eunhyuk! <3, Donghae was Sexy Fishy (LOL), Leeteuk was Fallen Angel (: In order it would be Heechul, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk (: It was awesome (: No other words to describe it, just awesome.

They sang She Wants It after that, followed by Miracle. & then it was Disco Drive. After that was Dancing out. & then!! The wonderful Solos! & I could see it much CLOSER and CLEARER THIS TIME, ESPECIALLY INSOMNIA <333 AND BEAUTIFUL <3333 Baby Baby was equally incredible; Sungmin walked over to our side and then Sha, Sapph & I screamed "SARANGHAEYO LEESUNGMIN" and he looked in our direction and smiled! My god, I think we yelled like crap. Haha!! Wookie smiled and said bye in a extremely sweet way after his performance as he was going down to the backstage, so cuteeeee!! Beautiful was unbelievably beautiful, honestly. Eunhae <3 Then Yesung's resignation was once again, Wooooh! His vocals is really amazing. After that was Heechul's Sonata of Temptation and he tried to reenact the scene with Henry again but he didn't!! Rahhhh >( & then it was Kyuhyun's solo but he didn't sing 7 years of love!! He changed it to 原谅我 and it was great nevertheless. After that was Leeteuk's "Honey~!". But according to my song list, it's What If first. So yep, Leeteuk only performed his song after What If & Heartquake. & now I'm getting to the main point- why my RM458 was worth it.

Heartquake right. After Yesung sang the opening line, this mysterious person in black rose up IN FRONT OF US (AROUND 3M DISTANCE) & POSED, who was none other than Bejewelled guy, Eunhyukkie!! Omg I have no idea how to describe it here but he was the hottest man on earth at that point in time. He was dressed in this smart suit with this bit of fur slanting down his suit. & he looked beyond brilliant. The way he rapped, I don't think I was listening to the rap at all. I was just staring at him and gaping in amazement while screaming, LOL. Didn't pay attention to KRY at all!! Ahhhhh my Wookie, sorry! But Hyukkie was so close to me, I couldn't not pay attention to him!! ><

& after that, my god. They put the two hot songs together- Don't Don and Twins. What the heck please, it's beyond hot! The screaming was so uncontrollable! Oh then after that, they played a clip of how Suju and Elfs have grown together over a span of four years, and Our Love began. We waved the lightsticks to their voices, & Eunhyuk carried Donghae! On his shoulders during his lines! Can't remember for sure whether it was Our Love or Angela though. OH AND I MISSED ANGELA OUT, THEY SANG ANGELA AFTER THEIR INTRO! Rah I think I made a mistake again, it was after She Wants It. After Angela was Miracle (: Well yep then.. Blue Tomorrow, with 6 people instead of 7 which was what I saw in Bangkok. Freaking saddening >< & I think the members on stage were even sadder. Sigh :/ If only Hankyung was there, the formation on the steps when they sang Blue Tomorrow would be complete. Then Supergirl though I wasn't as high as in Bangkok (quite sian & regret now ><). Then another clip, but this time of how they thanked the fans instead of showing their achievements/development. Cus the next song was Shining Star. Everyone switched off their blue lightsticks and switched on the white ones that were given, & cute Sungmin went to look for one and waved it together with the fans (: Hyuk was sitting in front of L13 again, Leeteuk was in the middle. Wookie was at L16, Swee's side. Then anw, Leeteuk cried again, though not as badly as in Thailand. Hyuk looked like he was on the verge of crying. Sha, Sapph and I cried during Shining Star and Our Love. No wait, I think only I cried when they showed the clip before Our Love, yeah. But Shining Star, I cried because Hyukkie did the 'Saranghae' thing to us, where you put your hands on top of your head to form a heart. It was a super not Eunhyuk thing, but he did it because the fans (Maybe he saw us) were doing it. & wah, superman touched. I couldn't help tearing >< I wouldn't have cried if it was Donghae (I'd have jumped and yelled for joy), but I cried cus it was Hyukkie doing it for the fans, something he usually wouldn't do. Touched, ttm. Oh, & then it was Sorry Sorry (: though I wasn't very hyped up also. Perhaps cus my headache was killing me :/ I kept praying not to faint, not when I'm having the best time in my life. & it felt like the louder, the more I screamed, the worse it got. So I guess I didn't get so hyped up. But in my heart, I was rooting loudly for them <3 but again maybe cus I watched it once, so it didn't feel so.. Impactful.

They didn't perform Superman which they did in Bangkok. They did Rokuko. OH YES, THEY DIDN'T DO GEE AS WELL )): THEY DID CHU INSTEAD. I was hoping to watch Gee again!! I'd rather Gee anytime than Chu ): I thought Chu was an additional item, I didn't expect them to replace Gee with Chu, so sad. I mean, it was good and funny but Chu only had 5 of them performing. Heechul, Ryeowookie, Eunhyukkie, Shindong, Donghae. Woah Donghae as Amber was PERFECT. Like totally! Wahahha :D Ryeowook was so cute please. Eunhyuk's legs are SO PRETTTTY! GOSH! I SAW IT WITH MY EYES, HIS LEGS WERE SO SKINNY. IT WAS EVEN CHIOER THAN THE GIRL WHO DANCED INSOMNIA WITH WOOKIE. Seriously, Hyukkkk <3 Shindong was cute with long, blonde, permed hair (abit like Jesicca's). Heechul was supposed to be Sulli, ahha! Ryeowook ah, he kept going to other members' when they were singing to the camera and when the camera zoomed in onto them. He totally stole their limelight with acting cute and everything, haha! He was like doing the peace sign and acting cute like pouting. GOSHHHH <3

Then they sang Sunny, Pajama Party, Carnival. After Carnival was supposed to be Sapphire Blue (I distinctly remember that they sang Sapphire Blue during Bangkok's SS2) but they didn't sing Sapphire Blue. They went straight to Marry U and I really enjoyed their live performance once again. But it also marked the end of the concert. Sadly. They said bye, & we waved goodbye (:

Somehow the concert seemed to fly past even faster than in Bangkok. Every song only lasted a minute to me for some reason. Sapph & I kept reminiscing after the concert in Bukit, hahaha! Could see that she was close to tears cus Hankyung and Kibum weren't there. So depressing, especially for the members on stage. But they really put up a fantastic performance for the Elfs. If there were any disappointment in them at all, they concealed it completely, perfectly.

Once again they didn't disappoint me and the other Elfs despite all the setbacks and obstacles they're facing now. So proud of them, really (: I will always remember the end of the clip before Our Love- Forever Super Junior, Forever Elfs. It was a wonderful night that I don't ever wanna forget. Really, a million, billion, gazillion thanks to Super Junior for making my day and being my motivation <3 How awesome can strangers get? Haha <3

& now, after taking one half hour posting this, I have unfinished homework ): not to mention that I didn't do any revision this holidays! Sigh :/ so packed. I'll just do extra during school term, I guess. But it's so difficult to look forward to every Monday now >< Without Autumn's Concerto and Super Junior Super Show 2, I really can't bring myself to look forward to Mondays now. Lit kills, totally.

Voice is under recovery right now after three hours of non-stop screaming yesterday, hahaha. It was worth it, absolutely. Fallen Angel Leeteuk also promised a Super Show 3 and a Fourth Album (: Sa Jib Dae Bok!! We recited that with him manymany times (: I'm sure it'll come through. Just maybe, no Hankyung :/

Signing off,
Yihui ♥ Super Junior ♥ 20th March 2010

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