2010-04-03, 11:29 p.m.

2 weeks ago, at this time, we were waiting for Mummy outside Bukit Jalil Stadium to bring us back to Muar :) We said goodbye to Sha and Kuku and left with fond memories. /& pictures :P

Gosh how time flies. 2 weeks since I saw them live. But it still feels so fresh like something that happened two nights ago. I will never forget that surreal feeling. Like omg, standing on the same piece of land and breathing the same air. Hahaha :D Wooooooooh. Those three hours that took my breath away literally. So super awesome :) My Ryeowook, Eunhyukkie who rapped Heartquake right in front of us.. Really they feel like yesterday or something. I can't believe how fast time is passing. Like.. It's gonna be Week 3 alr. WEEK 3?! I'm not even prepared to enter Term 2 ): but Term 2 is alr here. & will end in what seems to be a matter of days.

Plenty of things to do tmr!! Guess I'll leave Bio till Monday then. Have to finish up English Compre / Summary tmr, Lit corrections (irritating shit) & start on Amath! (: *tys*? Maybe. Haha doubt I'll do it though.

Suddenly missing Super Junior muchmuch. Sigh :/ if only things didn't have to become so ugly. But again, doesn't everything seem to become ugly after awhile?

Hopefully everyone on planet Earth will feel my love transmitting through the millions of particles in the air and space! I hope everyone can stay happy :) Smile! May people no longer feel that much pain and find soulmates who can alleviate that pain :) & those suffering from the painful diseases, recover soon and set that willpower! :)

Muchloves; nights,
Yihui <3

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