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What you see isn�t true � SJ isn�t a happy group. [Picture]

(I think I'll just post the words.)

Hiding in their smile are tears.

On 6th November 2005, they were put on stage in a way of planned project making people generally understand the system.
(At first,SM planned to change the 12 members if they are not satisfied,just like the Janpanese gruops.SM had the right to add new member to replace the original one.)

Even Knowing that they�ll finally separate,SJ still smile.
One year passed and SM changed the plan because of the unexpected popularity of SJ.
It�s a �13-people large scale men�s group� instead of a �project 12-people large scale men�s group SJ05�.
It becomes an unchanged 13-people group.
SJ is widely known and is much beloved via U.

Criticisms for being substandard came even from the way of project group.
Kim Hee Chul as a singer was being blamed eventually.
Despite a lot of annoyance and pain from the malicious response as well as, Hee Chul invariably pretended to be all right.
During the performance in variety shows, he, pretending nothing happened, hadn�t talked about it all along.
Other people responded with more and more acute scolding, �You still cannot behave yourself.�

Shortly after this incident, Lee Dong Hae�s dad passed away.
In a moment, Dong Hae lost the firm defense, his dad, who gave him much and much courage.
In 2nd Album, 3rd Album� all the �thanks to� were written about his dad, who protected him in heaven.
Such an exhausted Dong Hae smiled like a pabo in the funeral when reporters came to take photos of him.
Why? Because he�s afraid that he would involve other members to get scolding.
A few days later, Hee Chul who went to the funeral met a traffic accident.
If he could no longer dance due to severe injuries in his legs, it would bring him endless pain.
However, malicious response came, �Why doesn�t Kim Hee Chul from the non-concept SJ continue to dance? Why is he still alive?�

With a long metal nailed in his leg, he put up with the pain and stood on the stage again.
His Come Back Stage�Super Junior T
In consultation with the company and the members, Hee Chul, who was unable to dance due to the leg pain,
tried his best to move with the biggest smile, though he could no longer dance with violent movement.
Knowing nothing about this, Netizens still maliciously slander, �Is it the elementary dance? I can go on stage with this level.�
However,Heechul never bends his knees in front of those people who didn�t admire him.
Instead,he decides to be himself,to be a real Kim Heechul.He never admits defeat.

In April 2007, another traffic accident happened.

The manager, Leeteuk,Eunhyuk,Shindong,Kyuhyun escaped from the car with what they learnt from the show.
Leeteuk,Eunhyuk,Shindong were not badly injured but Kyuhyun was seriously injured.
His lung stopped operating while the rib was severely broken so he probably was unable to sing

However, malicious slanderous Netizens left messages same as that relating to Kim Heechul�s traffic accident, �Why is he still alive? Why not kick the bucket?�
Fortunately, Kyuhyun slowly came around in the rescue so a prolonged hospitalization started.

In summer 2007, the 1st movie belongs to SJ, their 1st performance on the screen��Attack on the Pin-Up Boys�, was released.
Both KyuHyun and E-teuk were unable to take part in the movie because of their health.
With fans� assistance, E-teuk found a shooting place.
And asked the director to allow him to take part in the film shooting, as he really wanted to be in the film.
However, the movie was not popular. Once again, there�s scolding.
�Are things like that considered to be movies? It�s so non-concept, why is it still being put in the film industry?�

SJ released their 2nd Album in winter 2007.
However, the hit song �Don�t don� didn�t get unanimous recognition.
Vicious messages were around, �I could hear nothing except the sound of machines. SJ are singers who sing with too many flaws and without skills.�

Participation in the album activities, KyuHyun even danced with powerful movements to match the style of the song though his body still hasn�t fully recovered.
However, he did not show any sign of illness nor pain. He smiled happily in all the programmes instead.
And there was only pain and exhaustion that followed

After Don�t don, �Marry U� that had been put on stage,
also was not that popular as expected. SJ ended the performances of their 2nd album with this.
People, treating them from a judgmental perspective, gave SJ and ELFs a hard time.
In order to avoid Super Junior being scolded because of ELFs� actions, ELFs began a project called �becoming a kindhearted ELFs�.
And started by responding all the malicious criticisms with a forgiving manner.
There�s also a big episode.
The person playing the violin in the middle part of �Don�t don� was a stranger to all of us and there were rumors that he would join Super Junior.
ELFs started opposition, as a result.

A protest of �the defence of 13� begun in the cold weather in January 2008.
Except protesting by standing in front of SM, ELFs also pooled $1,000 to buy 1% shares of SM Company under their own power for Super Junior

With different banners, they started to protest by shouting �13� loudly.
This thus became hot issue and hit the headlines of all news website and media

However, this action was blamed by the netizens again. �Did you guys think of the nearby residents? You are just non-sense, aren�t you?� etc.

Then, followed by the incident of E-teuk telling lies.
People who did not understood this incident scolded E-teuk and blamed fans for their non-concept.
Although ELFs were speechless about this, they tried every effort to apologize for Kim Yu-Na.
E-teuk apologized to everyone by lip-reading the word �Sorry� in KTR,
He sacrificed himself and Kim Yu-Na and was under huge pressure after this.
He cried alone when he was out of camera but he did not give up in front of us.
Despite dozens of scolding, he still did not give up.
After this gap, the small group �Super Junior M� appeared with the Chinese newcomers H and ZM.
ELFs doubted if the company made an excuse to get new members in.
And Send them off uneasily, ELFs watched them get into the China market.
ELF waited and waited in this way.
In summer 2008, another small group �Super Junior Happy� was also introduced.
Although it wasn�t extremely popular, it did not receive much accused.
The nasty hit at them became less and less.
(In 2008,SJ split to SJM and SJH.SJM worked in China whereas SJH worked in Korea and Japan.They hardly found chance for reunion.)

After waiting for a year and a half, Super Junior came back with their 3rd album �Sorry sorry� in March 2009.
�Sorry Sorry� made them become very popular all over Korea and there were more and more fans.
The disc was sold over 200,000 copies in 2009, coming out top in the sale.
It was also the champion for several weeks and the popularity was very high

Thinking that everything had been smooth since then,
Kang In�s involvement in the violent and drunken incident was a shock,
He�s very likely victimized for the violent incident, but overdrinking was true as what people spotted.
Once again, this made Super Junior�s members and ELFs felt exhausted.
Definitely, he did something wrong

However, the truth was distorted by press coverage.
Only the Super Junior members, ELFs and SJ�s close friends knew the truth.
During Kang In�s off screen period, the matter between Han Geng and SM was exploded.
Slavery treaty �.Han Geng and SM

Obviously, this wasn�t Han Geng�s mistake. This was a serious slavery contract.
It�s a more unreasonable slavery contract, compared with TVXQ.
It�s an unreasonable treaty as 98% of Super Junior�s income was allocated to SM Company.
When it was made public, Super Junior members were injured and scolded again.
We�re in anguish over the messages as follows :
� Oh, it is 13 right? Ki Bum has the soap opera, Kang In�s incident and Hee Chul�s solo, Here comes Han Geng�s incident again � oh, this is giving me a big headache, you guys better just disband.�
Some messages like that, �No one will be aware of missing several out of 13.My suggestion is that why not disband Super Junior as they don�t have singing potential� Those songs are really odd �
Because of this matter, Han Geng was also scolded.
The opinions from the Chinese ELFs, �Why not come back to his own country, instead of getting hurt in the other country?�
However, the Korean ELFs were firmly in defending the 13 of them.
This is the war between ELFs, an invisible war.
Kang In, Ki Bum and Han Geng did not show up in all the award ceremonies.
Only 10 people participated in the award ceremonies.

Even they were awarded with the prizes, they could not say the missing members� names. Whenever E-teuk said thank you, he just said �including these three members�

Super Junior could only make its way much more painful and hard than the others.
�13-people large-scale group Super Junior� is just a �non-concept 13-people large-scale group Super Junior� towards the ANTIs and those who have no interest in them.
People who don�t know the facts always scolded them whenever something happened before knowing the whole event.
SJ were even blamed for putting a birthday cake on the table and celebrate during the Seoul Music Festival on 2/3/2009(Kyuhyun�s birthday on that day).

Anyway, they just wanted to say sorry.
We, the ELFs were much more clamorous than the SJ members who are under the spot light although we both did make mistakes in the past.
Please lay all the blame on us, the ELFs, should you want to give a scolding.
The Super Junior members are tearful so please don�t make them cry anymore

Every time, Super Junior is unable to tell what they want in their hearts

Every time, Super Junior is unable to account for their grievances entirely

Please try not to treat them from a judgmental perspective once

Please regard them as people with feelings instead of a group released from the SM warehouse.

Super Junior isn�t a group with happy and biggest smiles that you saw in the programmes.

Instead, hiding in their smiles, they�re tearful for fear that they would involve their fans to get scolding.
Acting to be very happy all the time, Super Junior is tearful. It doesn�t matter that ELFs got scolding.

Merely � able to consider � oh, they�re sentimental.
That�s enough.

Super Junior and ELFs, Fighting!

The banner wrote�I love you,Thank you,Together forever�
Never treat SUJU as entertainment.
They are our family,our beloved one.

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