2010-05-09, 12:01 a.m.

Omg, one whole day just passed like that. I woke up at half past 11 and now it's 12.01 am. Omg -.- when I was changing into pyjamas just now after I bathed, it felt like I just changed out of my pyjamas this afternoon. Omg time really passes very quickly now.

Okay um, not very productive today, didn't manage to meet the target I set for myself. Was supposed to finish all my homework today- 2 Chem Spa worksheets, English vocab, English self-directed learning, Chem Alkanes and Alkenes homework. I only managed to finish the bulk of it, not all. I'm left with Alkenes Paper II and self-directed learning Compre Trial Exam 3! Doing my essay currently :D

After I complete the remaining homework tmr, I'll work out what I wanna do during night study for the whole week. Then I'll start on TKAMB revision. Then Chem ABS revision. Yep! :D

Mummy's coming home on Tuesday, I think. Think that's what Sapph said. Lol. Ohwell. Night study ends at 9.30pm. She can come pick me up if she wants, lol.

OKAY DO WORK! I've been watching Suju videos for like practically the entire day!! >< guilty much! BUT ON A BRIGHTER NOTE, THEY ARE REALLY SO CUTE! I CAN'T STAND EUNHAE, ESPECIALLY DONGHAE CUS I JUST FOUND OUT HOW SEXY AND CUTE HE CAN BE!! RAHHHHHHHHH! The KTR cuts can be so cute too!! Eunteuk are hilarious! <33 & I just realised Sukira stands for Super junior Kiss the Radio. So cool <33

Also to that fan/anti who typed that post about Suju, I hope you read the comments ELFs posted there. If you can't accept even one member from Suju, you're not considered a fan of Suju. Furthermore, you didn't consider how they'd feel if they read about the members who weren't in the 'In' list.

Ohwell. Blah :) I slept for a good 10 hours last night. Hope I'll sleep more tonight too :D

Yihui <3

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