2010-05-16, 1:08 a.m.

Oh my god I am in love with Suju's 4th album!! Dled all their songs today, it's fab! (Okay I only listened to a couple of songs but so far so good!!) Addicted to Bonamana (DUH!), Boom Boom (EUNHYUK!!), A Fine Spring Day (Ryeowook dearest's solo <3) and My All Is In You. Sounds great (: & that's like nearly half the album alr. Hahahha.

Anw was reading their 'Thanks To' just now and I cried when I saw Kyu's. He thanked everyone, From Jungsoo to Zhoumi. Including Hangeng (Hankyung) and Henry <3 how sweet can he get. I really hope Hankyung returns soon.. It must be hard on them. Forcing themselves to smile in front of us.. but inside they're bleeding. Thank god, they can depend on one another <3

Today has been super unproductive!! Didn't get any work done + going out with Nicole and the rest tmr. & I wanna go to Singapore River early to kinda enjoy the morning view? & straighten some things out. Sigh I'm quite fucked up right now. Gotta do a bit of thinking. & that'll mean I'll be out of the house maybe two hours earlier. Gonna sleep soon, doubt I'll wake up early to do work though. Will come home and do them :)

Jubilate next week, we're working hard. Hopefully our efforts'll be enough.

Checked out the translations for some of the songs in the second album. So meaningful.. & I hope there'll be a day where I can tell Maan 'Thank You'. After knowing the lyrics, I'll probably better appreciate the song now. & the same for Mirror; I didn't know Hyukkie wrote the rap (1) + based on his own love failures (2). My poor bejewelled guy <3 but I guess that's what everyone goes through.

Oh yes I forgot to mention 'Your Eyes' is a brilliant song too!! God this whole album is freaking awesome :) I wish them all the best & hope they'll continue to cover planet Earth with more Sapphire Blue balloons :D

But that's said, I'm still gonna listen to 3rd album's songs!! :D:D Afterall, that's where I can still hear Hankyung's and Kangin's voice.

I'm tired but I don't think I can sleep. Whyyyyy.

Rah. This has been quite a dumb post. Oh well. I spent my entire day watching videos anw. Came home, bathed, dinnered, sat in front of the comp for about 5 hours straight just watching their videos. Lol. Quite amazing, isn't it? If only I could devote so much time & concentration span to my studies. I'm really wasting alot of time and I know that. But sadly I don't feel motivated at all to use time wisely. WHY ):

Wanna cry but the tears aren't falling.


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