2010-05-16, 9:41 p.m.

Okay I really gotta set a resolution for myself. This is going nowhere. I really cannot find my motivation. Shit.

Went out with Nicole & co. today to Clarke Quay. OMG the surprise was really a surprise. It was quite funny how everyone gave a little squeal when we opened our eyes! For me, it was a Ryeowook during SS2 with his bunny hat looking at me :D:D *bliss* seriously. Hahahhaa the second surprise was a bouquet of Ferero Roches. & I spent 20 bucks just on buying photos today. $14 goes to Sapph, $3 to Mei, $2 to Sha. Eh I'm missing one. OH the last one's for Han'er cus she gave me Hankyung and Wookie :) So I'll give Sapph that too. Ooooh like that she'll have 15 for birthday! Hahahha :D hope she continues liking / supporting Suju until her birthday!!

Took a walk today around Singapore River, thought about quite a lot of things. For one, I'll try from now on to meet everyone's demands though I know it's impossible. But well, okay. Will be having a late night tonight, I guess. Gotta complete essay, compre and summary. Then Transport in Plants after that. Ohyeah, & I saw this Kak in the train trying to pacify a little girl. I met her again at the River & we had a good chat. Was quite insightful, hahahhaa :D wonder if I used it wrongly. But yeah, it was very relaxing talking to her. Pretty awesome :) ohwell.

Can't stop listening to My All is in You. Today's Inki was the bomb man. Every performance is hotter and hotter. They look totally sexy and perfect. I keep trying to tell myself to do my best for them but somehow the motivation isn't coming. I'm left with 5 and a half months. How much more time am I gonna waste before I will wake up ):

Should I sleep now and wake up early tmr. Will I? Yeah I'll do my essay. & do my compre and summary tmr.


OHOH. I forgot to mention this. Sapph lent me her itouch today & it was at Notes. I went back one page and saw the first few words of another page of notes "My childhood was so beautiful..." I clicked on that and I was tearing at the station. It was her thoughts on Mama and saying how she was trying to lay the foundation for the future. By strengthening the bond with my sister.. & my cousins because they are the next closest ones to my siblings.. It touched me, truthfully.

I hope Mama will recover soon.. Will continue to pray for you :)

Yihui <3

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