2010-06-19, 6:38 p.m.

I'm so tired. Though I slept for close to 12 hours ._.

Sigh we're flying off tmr alr. So fast. Whyyyyy so fast. Tmr this time, I'll be in China. Sigh~ Doubt I'll finish my Emath tys tonight. Just don't have that discipline. Still thinking whether I should do my dictionary work here or there. I should bring it there right. Yeah I should. I gotta sort out my notes too, like what notes I wanna bring there. Sigh. AHHH abit stressed now. Actually I've always been stressed. I was just escaping. Lol.

SIANNN. I got so much work to do. I'm just procrastinating. When will this end. Sigh. It's so. Tiring. Bleah.

Lets see. SS.. Don't need to do alr. My book 4 is in school. So I have Bio and Chem notes to complete. Think I'll bring them onto the plane to write. Then I'll bring Emath tys. Won't touch Amath. Lol. Sigh. Can't get rid of the fear ><

Okay so things to bring there :
1. Chem homework mcq (Experimental Chem & Macromolecules)
2. English independent learning thingy, 4 weeks of summaries & compres to mark.
3. English Prelims vocab words
4. Bio notes (To do on return flight)
5. Chem notes (To do on the way there tmr)
6. Emath Prelims (To do when I've finished everything)

Okay then I gotta start planning for. After holidays. My Amath. I wanna drop it. I seriously really want to drop it. But I don't think Ms Rockey will want me to drop. I dono. SIGH.

Okay what should I do tonight.. Emath tys? Yeah. I gotta finish it sooner or later anw. Anw I should be glad that all I'm left with is Amath. I've finished all my other subjects.

Gotta do Auntie's ppt tmr morning before I leave! :)

Yihui <3

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