2010-06-27, 4:10 p.m.

Finally back from China. It was the longest holiday ever.

So a basic summary of what we did there (going by days)..

We flew there in the afternoon, reaching at around 6. Took a domestic flight to Zzj at 8 plus cus it was delayed, so by the time we reached there and ate, it was around 11. Food was gross.

Went to visit mountains. WE CLIMBED 999 STEPS. Crazy shit. More than a thousand if you count the side steps. Yelled Happy Birthday Ryeowook at the peak (I hope he heard it in Seoul!) and met loads of koreans. Hilarious crap. Yep I think that was it. Had a damn painful headache at night. Fever came, panadol didn't work, so it continued till the next day.

Was feeling totally groggy and grumpy. I felt damn weak but noone gave a damn, so fine. I climbed out of bed and really dragged myself to do everything. It got so bad, I had to go see a doctor. & the effing doctor was the most amazing woman ever. I have no idea what she did but it hurt so much, I felt like I had a bruise at that spot the next day. But it really gave me energy for awhile. She wanted to put me on drip but I refused. I should've put myself on drip, damn it. Sapph said don't need medication also will recover. Well yeah. Ate medicine. It was like 4, 3 and 1 at once. So I swallowed 8 pills at every sitting. Drank gross ginger tea too. Gross food. Yeah.

Was feeling way better. Still abit nauseous but it was much better. Shan't recall how my mom pissed me off no end cus she refused to let me go back to the hotel to sleep. Oh well. Avatar's scenery was so so only -.-" ANW. What did we do on Wednesday? Shit I forgot. Anw I think I'll take from Sapph.

Can't remember ._. I only remember our cool toilet!

Can't remember ._.

THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE THING HAPPENED. WE SAW WANGZI AND WE DIDN'T KNOW. SHOOT ME. IT WAS FREAKING FUNNY. He was like, 2m in front of Sapph & I! & we didn't notice at all! He was walking with shades and apparently he stroked his hair in a very feminine manner, which caught Sapph's attention. We were both quite sure he was an artiste cus the girls around him were carrying his bags for him. I was even telling Sapph "It's okay, he's not my cai." LOL. & WANGZI NEVER USED TO LOOK LIKE THAT. HE WAS ROUND AND NOT SO TALL. Sapph said that guy who walked in front of us was like Mimi's height. Omg I just checked the net. It's really Wangzi. Okay omg, shocks. Well yeah, that was like the highlight of yday. Went to hotel, put down stuff, went to eat Kfc and Macs AGAIN and shopshop. Bought a pair of shorts but not denim. But ohwell, at least it's blue :)

Back to Sg. Finally. One week never felt so long. Seriously.

Okay & now. Time to set my resolution. After today, I'll keep my comp in my lappy bag. I won't take it out until Os are over. I just read what Siwon said : If we don't take on challenges because we're scared, then we'll accomplish nothing in life. I've decided. I got to overcome my fear of Math. Literally. I need to get over it. & the only way is to keep doing. Do, and do, and do. I didn't manage to finish my notes >< gotta finish them by Week 3. Will try to do abit here and abit there. Ness just told me we have Amath, Lit & SS tests this week. Not to mention our O level CL oral and Bio Spa. Awesome shit.

Firstly. LETS START WITH CLEARING UP MY ROOM. It's in a bloody mess and I can't study like that. I'll clean up and sleep early tonight. Like at 7 or something. Damn tired after sleeping for 5 hours only yday. OH YES, I SPENT LIKE MY ENTIRE WEEK WATCHING ISWAK. LOL.

Okieeee time to msg Maanmaan to tell her what happened!

Yihui <3

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