2011-08-24, 7:53 p.m.

Reading Rach's letter for like, the fifth time? And still crying for the fifth time.

My dear friend,
Sorry I won't be able to send you off in a few hours' time. Please know that you'll always be in my thoughts! And your idiotic face will always surface when I buy a jumbo vitasoy from the CJ canteen or whenever I do something stupid or see something funny cus you'll always be the first I wanna share it with. I know I've already written you a letter on paper which is sealed in a pretty green envelope but I THINK I JUST NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU HAHA. I miss having you queue for Noodle King with me! And you fighting for my wanton. That day Jay was like "You have it all to yourself today." & I was just silently sobbing :( It totally didn't taste as good as when you fought for it with me. I MISS YOU DEAR FRIEND! You're quite as important as my sn friends to me! I am missing you so badlyyy. Life in CJ and in 1T07 just isn't quite the same without you.. It didn't take me long to realise how noone could fill in the gaps that you left (omg so artistic hahaha) and I'm just really quite sad that you're leaving so so soon. Felt quite surreal until like. Now. Today. When it's only a few more hours to your depature.

I feel like I've found a real friend in you too. You're an amazing girl too, you know that? You're not fat too. Maybe not skinny like Jay but not fat. Just abit chubby. But who cares, you're cute like that! You make people feel safe, & it's just very comfortable and awesome to hang out with you! There were so many lol moments with you in our short six months. It's been short but extremely memorable! & I will cherish those memories, keep them safe like how you kept me feeling safe for six months :) your smile and laughter is so infectious, even if I had an awful day, somehow it becomes a good day when you come around asking "Aiyo what's up" in your auntie sort of way HAHAHAHA. You're so cheery all the time, sometimes you make me wonder how can anyone be sad over anything in this world. You really made my days loads better in CJ and I actually came to be okay with it thanks to you (& my bowlers) but yes, you! I'll be looking forward to your frequent updates over there! BE SURE TO WA ME WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE. I'll probably continue ranting about all of them to you even though we're like miles apart hahaha.

Okay ENOUGH OF CRYING. I'll start tearing everytime I think of how we'll be breathing different air in a few hours' time. AND TRUST ME I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I'M SO ATTACHED TO YOU :( it's just saddening. But let's not cry cus it's over but smile cus it happened! So so so so so glad that you got placed in 1T07 and we got to spend six months together! I'll miss you real bad! Take care of yourself, go wild and live life! Study hard but play even harder! Don't stress yourself out too! BABEEEEEEEEE. I miss calling you that. & your 'why do you call everyone babe ah' hahahahahaha.
Stay healthy, don't let anything get you down. We've got your back here k <3 THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING HERE FOR ME :)) YOU ARE SPECIAL TOO, & YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT ♥♥♥♥♥ :))))))

I'm not gonna say bye cus it's not the end, YOU'D better ring me up to have a meal when you come back! As for me going overseas.. Still contemplating. IT'S TOUGH. Hahahahaha.


Yihui ♥

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