2011-09-08, 1:07 p.m.

Okay so finally back home (like real home) and it's time to post about my freaking-beyond-awesome 3D2N Mabul trip!!!!

Alright so we had some trouble looking for the air tickets. But other than that all was good. Left at 2am, got to the airport at ard 4. Ate till 5+. OH I had a real bad stomachache. The worst in history. So horrible >< then.. Boarded. SLEPT. For like 3h. Reached. Had to take a van to the jetty for an hour. Got on the motor boat and that was another hour. In total we spent 11-12h travelling to that tiny island. But it was all worth it.

It was perfectly splendid. Couldn't take my eyes off it the moment it came into sight. When I got there, it was really woah, paradise. The water, the people, the place.. Perfect. Food there was great. Brilliant. After all the administrative stuff, we went to our room. Where this was this balcony and two suntanning chairs and I sat there whenever I could hahaha. Watched a video on O.W.D course. Dinner-ed after that and had to finish doing all the homework (only I did ._.) for the following day.

Next day. Woke up at 730. Supposed to assemble at 8 but we ended up eating at 8. So we reached at like 830. Bah >:( after that. We learnt how to assemble and disassemble the gear. And finally, IT WAS TIME TO ENTER THE WATERRR. Was really really excited, not much fear! But ohman when I tried to get up with the cylinder behind me, I literally went "Omg it's so heavy?!" out loud hahahaha. We had to carry it down to the water and there we began the basic skills. Regulator to snorkel and so on. Learnt equalizing and others. Went diving down to 6m. Then went down to 9m later after a break and so on. I think we only did 2 dives. Yuppp. Oh wait just checked dive log, we did 3 dives! The third dive was at Sipadan Island (MY HIST SEA SYLLABUS OMG) and it was really awesome! No wonder Philippines fought for it with Malaysia! It was sooo pretty!!! The corals and animals there were so pretty too!!!! Oh and now it's a protected island haha. So everything there's pretty much alive and colourful. Had so much fun diving. The only reason we came up was cus my mask filled up with water and we had to surface. But it was about time I guess. Omg the way we entered the water was way cool!!! Sit at the edge of the boat and fall backwards into the water. Ooooosh awesomeness ttm! But yes, Sipadan was really really lovely.

The following day, we only did one dive. While we finished up all the other skills. Went down to 15m!!!! Deepest dive among all. Saw HUGEEEE turtles and cuttlefish and different huge fishes!!! My goodness. My life is really never the same after diving and witnessing the underwater world for myself.

But more than anything else, the people there!!! I really miss Allister and Niger and Allan and the other instructors!!! Will never never forget that night we sat at the bar and laughed so helplessly over drinks. Had such awful Mabul-withdrawal symptoms when we went over to the city cus we couldn't take a plane within 18h of a dive. It was seriously.. incredible.

And now, back to reality. 24 more days to promos! & I'm hardly ready. Why am I not panicking. It's hard with a sister like Sapph and a cousin like Liyun ahhaha. Ohwell, I'm gonna buck up!!!! I want to go back as a J2 next year even though I will be 18 all the same! :)))

Such motivation. Please do not let it die. Before my promos are over!!!

Yihui <3

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