2012-01-09, 12:48 a.m.

Okay am finally logged in here again haha after my failed attempt at blogging that night! & tonight is another night of completing an absolutely mindblowing drama!!!! FURTHERMORE, IT'S TAIWAN DRAMA NOT KDRAMA OMG. How long has it been since a Taiwan drama managed to blow me off?! <3

It's "In Time With You" which is 我可能不會愛你 in Mandarin. It's really.. I don't know how to put it succinctly. It's so deep. & the way they portrayed the whole drama was just amazing. Not to mention the flawless chemistry between Ariel Lin & Wilson Chen! I really want someone like 李大仁 in my life :( a best friend like that. Best friend for 14 years getting married in their 15th. In the beginning they said 拥有是失去的开始 but eventually they proved otherwise :) they said they were best friends but in the end they got together. So is it possible to have a platonic friendship between a man and a woman? I don't know man. Been thinking about it since I watched it but I can't figure it out.

Also the way he keeps looking out for her, walking behind her all the way home when she's upset, admitting himself into the same university as her when his results could get him into the top university in Taiwan, being there for her ALL THE TIME (that's what I really envy the most actually) sigh. Can't get over that drama, really. & the love among family members is so priceless. When the Old Princess told Taotao that the song she wrote was actually pretty nice, she replied �这比第一名还棒� and it was like a totally AWWWW~ moment. & the love 又青's parents have for her are just so wonderful. It's a drama I'll watch again. Definitely. But after my A levels probably.

On a sadder note, school is starting tmr :( then again, since it's starting, it means it's the beginning of an end. I am really really looking forward to the end of my time in CJ. Sigh. On a brighter note, there's cny to look forward to! Just the days off, not the deciding whether to go KL or Muar >< thinking about that makes me go berserk.

Okay I am going to bed now! Praying for a good day tmr and hopefully a good year ahead! Hwaiting!!! ^^

Yihui <3

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