2012-05-01, 9:54 p.m.

Happy First May! Hopefully anyway, one more month to holidays. Really pray for a smooth one month. Without any rubbish from the CJ PE department. And classmates. Zzz. Since when was life this hard to get by.

And so midyears start this Friday and it's double whammy for me- H2 History and H1 Chem paper. I'm so screwed :( & I'm still blogging here hahaha. Feel so unprepared, even more unprepared than last year for some reason. Lets hope I get through this somehow. I am getting loads of sleep lol which is weird cus it's exam season but.. hahaha like a boss ^^

Last two days of competition! Wednesday & Thursday. We're quite far from MI apparently and so we're probably not going to be seeded next year but whatever, I'll still cheer insanely tmr for them :)) it's a pity I feel like I'm distancing from the bowlers as well though. Maybe cus I'm not in the same team as Jing, Marina and Mel this year so.. I don't know. Well not that Marina and I could click that well in the first place. It's a character thing I suppose. No time to think about such stuff anyway. Exams- we're in Singapore. Yup.

I always strive to be like Emma Watson but I fail so miserably :( Oxford U is like wow. Sigh. I'm just trying not to fail now. So pathetic. It's not even that hard to study. And do well. Not like I have chores to do or a family I have to work to support. Why am I still failing so miserably omg :( epitome of failurezx trololol.

SuJu's working hard a few hundred kilometres away from me as well, jyjy to everyone! Hwaiting~!

Yihui <3

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