2012-05-27, 10:49 p.m.

Wow it's been awhile since I updated again! Lots of things happening (happening girl as always hahaha) so anyway..

Oh my it's Sunday already. Last Sunday 20th May, I went to the airport. Didn't tell anyone I went there haha, it's my little secret ^^ Went to terminal two's aviation viewing gallery and cried for half an hour there. Ten years ago on that day, Aunty Beatrez left me for good. No she didn't die but it was pretty equivalent. Parents sent her back and I remember promising her I wouldn't cry when she entered Immigration but when she eventually handed her passport to the staff and when I could only see her backview through the glass, I remember I wailed really really loudly. She was that precious a person to me, and she left. I remember for a few days after that I was in so much pain but being a kid, I walked out of it pretty soon. But I haven't forgotten her for the past ten years and I don't think I will. If I have any regrets, it'd be that she left me too early, before I could thank her for being by my side for 8 years. Back then I was so reliant on her that she felt more like my mom than my actual mother. Felt that I saw her more as well, not sure if I remember correctly though. But I remember whenever I fell sick, she'd be there for me. I never had to face anything alone with her around. And probably another regret would be of her not having nice memories with me, only awful ones of me throwing tantrums and abusing her all the time :( if I had a chance, I'd want to go back in time in my present form and say thanks to her. And tell her how much I love her. Never got to telling her that, & I'm sorry for all the times I hurt you. I really am.

Sad narration aside, we went over to Cheok's house on Sunday in the afternoon to celebrate her 18th! It was a surprise celebration and all so yeah it was a success ^^ let's stay friends for a long long time! :) rest of the week was a bore. Got back most of our exam scripts and I did so badly. Don't even know why I did so badly even after mugging sigh. Math was mostly careless mistakes so yeah but sigh :( depressing much. Shall start mugging from tmr onwards!

And finally the highlight of this post- review of the latest drama I caught! Which has risen to the top of my list in two days (cus I finished the drama in two days. Okay more precisely 3 hahaha.) The Moon That Embraces The Sun. I was so hesitant to watch it in the beginning cus the setting was in ancient royalty times and the title wasn't exactly appealing. But how very wrong I was. Turned out to be a great watch. The child actors were simply amazing. Yes it had to do with my expectations but also because they greatly exceeded my expectations. Their acting was so convincing and so natural that when they cried, I cried even more than them. The adult actors didn't fail me either, thought every scene was done extremely well. But in the midst of all the sadness and grief, there were happy and funny bits as well. There were sweet scenes as well, whether it be amongst family or friends or lovers. I loved the entire development of the drama and the twist at the end. A very fresh plot with meticulous character development. The characters allow you to relate to them even though you haven't been through anything like what they have. I cried so so so badly while watching this.. cried almost in every episode. Actually I think I did cry in every episode from episode two onwards. It was that heart-wrenching. Especially when the OST plays.. Omg it's like the cue for the floodgates to open :( having really bad withdrawal symptoms now sigh.. I'll definitely rewatch this when I have the time.. Splendid storyline with excellent actors and fantastic OSTs. It really consists of a drama's essence. & for once I wasn't even concerned with whether the actors were good looking or not. Their acting won me over completely. I have absolutely nothing but praises for this drama. I'm going to be stuck thinking about them for the next few days oh my goodness :( today I woke up and the first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes was the drama. Like omgwtf..?! Hahahaha I must be mental. Just can't get enough of it. Although I was really sad that Yang Myeong died at the end, I could understand why. Cus one sky can only allow for one sun and one moon. But when Un cried over him.. I lost it. I lost it completely :( I was more upset at Un crying over him than Yang Myeong dying I think.. Even though I cried quite badly when Lee Hwon kept calling out for him and when Yang Myeong told him his thoughts. Very sweet scene between brothers indeed. And the very beginning of it all, when Yeon Woo was chased out of the palace, Hwon desperately calling her name.. This was the child actors and they did a fabulous job. His tears were so real and moving, I cried possibly more than them. & yes, when they got together at the end, it was very cute too ^^ that totally made up for everything haha. Luckily they did it that way! :) couldn't have been a better ending :) simply typing this out when the OSTs are playing can make me cry again omg I am really insane ._. I cried so much these three days my eyes actually hurt and feel warm when I blink and close my eyes. This is the first time man sigh. It's a show that's brought me much tears (abit too much haha), laughter, pain, joy, realisation. Sometimes fate just doesn't lie within our control. And admitting it doesn't mean you resign to fate. It just means you improvise from there and move on. This is what they did in the drama anyway, & I'll always try to do it in life now.

This drama was sooo good sigh. Really need to get over it >< it's the one drama I promised myself for the whole holidays so I'll keep to it! Won't watch anymore dramas and I'll focus on studying. Yup. I'm so glad.. So so so glad I watched this drama for the holidays. A real worthy watch. But just suffering from extremely awful withdrawals now.. Sigh need to get over it. Am going to sleep soon cus I don't think I can do my math tutorial now :( my whole mind's filled with the drama ahhhh. Bad idea to finish it over the weekends but if I didn't finish it this weekends it'd be even worse so okay I'm glad yes. Hahaha.

Okay I shall go sleep now :) & fill my mind with thoughts of them. Nights world :)

I'm also glad this drama took my mind off Seoul Encore :) okay, nights!

Yihui <3

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