2012-06-12, 11:58 p.m.

Okay I will not allow my mood to be influenced by Ivan that son of a bitch. I will keep my upbeat mood and be happy :)

Anyway had a real good lunch with the babes today but with the exception of Ness and Cheok and Val. Other than them, everyone else could make it! It'd have been great if Nicole could join us but at the rate things are going, it doesn't seem like she's coming back very soon.. A part of me wish we could go back in time so that everything was intact but then I start to question myself if everything was really intact at that time sigh.

In any case, going back to the main point of the post, they celebrated my birthday and well, the surprise element was there though I was certain I'd got everything covered hahaha. The Hard Rock staff suddenly stopped the music and said there's a birthday girl with us today and said my name and I kinda just stunned there hahahaha. It was a great great birthday, & even though it's not my actual birthday, oddly it feels like this is it :) goes to show it's really not the day but rather the company. & also I've been thinking, it doesn't matter how many people wish me happy birthday on that day itself. It's the people who remember my birthday without any Facebook reminder or friends' reminder. I didn't write here 'texting me happy birthday' cus I know even if Lihmaan doesn't message me happy birthday, she remembers my birthday. It's just in her lol.

Shall start studying after I apply ampoule for the night! Oh yeah, and I read their letters and cards. I think every letter/card moved me and induced my tears to flow haha. All so sweet and touching. Especially Ahgirl's one. �Glad that when I "回头看,你还" woah I cried so badly at that >< Sherms's card made me cry loads also!! Sigh those two :) whatever would I do without them. Becks also, always always reminding me of the leadership quality in me even when I doubt myself sometimes. Like when I didn't get captain last year.. But no, she still looks up to me and stuff. Sometimes I wonder what she sees in me exactly for her to respect me haha. But that angel gave me TRUCKLOADS of sweets too! Hahaha, feel like Charlie today ^^ (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory if you didn't get the connotation lolol).

Okay shall go off! I've had the best day today in awhile now :)

hui <3

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