2012-06-27, 4:45 p.m.

Okay so I made a trip to SATA just now and the fucked up doctor helped me decide I'm never visiting that cursed place again.

Besides the fact that he very grudgingly gave me a 2-weeks mc which he obviously felt I didn't deserve, he told me very pointedly that the sick role (which is me) should want to recover asap and not delay my recovery process just so that I don't have to do napfa. I am pretty sure because of his prejudice, he didn't even hear me say I injured myself AGAIN IN MAY when I didn't even recover fully from the first time round. So he foolishly thought I was coming back to get another mc because TCM wasn't helping me recover. I have to admit that I've never seen a more moronic doctor than this and he, to me, lacks any and every single moral needed to be a doctor. Which qualified and compassionate doctor in their right mind would say to a patient "You shouldn't relish in your handicapped state" and should go back to being a normal person who can function properly and contribute to society (in this case, doing my napfa). I was absolutely dumbfounded because of his idiocy and I am a little upset to think he probably took it as me being guilt-tripped by his words. LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINKING DOCTOR. HOW CAN ANYONE RELISH IN THEIR PAIN I WAS SO BLOODY UPSET THAT I COULDN'T PLAY MY BEST IN NETBALL DURING GAMES CARNIVAL AND HAD TO GET REPLACED (I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN REPLACED ON COURT IN MY FOUR YEARS OF NETBALL IN PRIMARY SCHOOL. I DO NOT PLAY ONLY BECAUSE I TELL MY COACH I DON'T WANT TO PLAY. BUT YES BECAUSE OF THIS BLEEDING INJURY MICHELLE GOT SOMEONE ELSE TO GO PLAY INSTEAD. I have to say my pride was immensely hurt. At that time, that is.) And he didn't even insinuate that my delaying recovery was to give napfa a miss. He totally said it in my face. But I am still very very proud of myself that. I managed to hold in my tears despite the anger that was building up inside me. And to hold my temper there and not get into a heated argument with him. But I made it very clear that he was stupid and all, suggesting that I'd recover in two weeks when my shoulder has been in this state for the past one month after I injured it again. I guess, this is just the process of growing up.

Okay I am feeling positively happier after eating and blogging it out! Kudos to my sis also for always joining me in cursing useless doctors like these hahahahhaa. Love her to the universe and back <3

Time to study after I bathe!

hui <3

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