2012-09-08, 1:48 a.m.

I'm not wearing my specs now so I can't really see what's on the screen. But even an idiot can tell that my sis got together with some other guy who's four years her junior... which is two years my senior. Okay I'm not that sure but I'm pretty positive. It's not that I dislike him but if they're really together, he's gonna have a really hard time getting me to like him. After Chouyong, it's hard man. & I feel so bad for him. & I was quite certain they were going to get married. In a few years time of course but they had that plan in mind. Or so I thought. I don't know how she thinks long distance relationship will work out but okay. It's really hard to say anything. Anything at all. When you're faced with an elder sibling. Simply because they can shut you up with I've gone through more than you and therefore I will know more and more than anything else I will know what I want and what I need best. I thought it was weird that I haven't seen Chouyoung for about a month already. Since I started studying for Prelims yeah it's been more than a month already wow. I miss him man :( he was such a great elder brother. Almost similar to Jas korkor. I feel so bad for him omggggg. :( & confiding in Denise was just stupid cus she dissed me and all. Hate her sometimes. Sigh. But half the time she's a great friend so okay.

You know how you feel like you don't really know someone even though you see that person day in and day out? That's the way I feel towards my sister sometimes. I don't know what runs through her mind. Neither do I know if my respect for her is really that well-deserved. But it's her life. All I can do is make sure I don't follow in her footsteps.

That's it for tonight. Don't feel like posting anything else. Tata.

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