2012-10-19, 4:14 p.m.

Today is Friday the nineteenth! Nope it's not an exceptionally special day for most but it's a day that I've waited for one year, eight months and twenty two days. Hahahaha I HAVE GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sigh when I woke up this morning, I was still thinking it's finally Friday. & then I got to school and all.. & looked up at the sky and thought 'I'm never gonna be looking at the sky from that spot again.' I'm so happy that it's over but at the same time it's kinda sad. That it's all over. That it's finally over. Sigh it's a very conflicting feeling.

I really hated cj last year. Chan left and I didn't really have any friends. I was so miserable everyday I kept wanting to quit. But obviously I didn't have the option to. So I stuck on. & Sapph just kept saying "one year will pass very quickly". Funny how when we're in lectures or tutorials, time crawls like a snail. But when you look back when it's all over, it feels like a very fleeting period. Like everything was over in a second. Maybe not a second but it doesn't ever feel like a year. Today was abit of a roller coaster ride. I thought of the many instances that killed me last year and this year. Thought of the few people that brought me much joy in cj this year. & yeah I'm grateful. & I managed to take pictures with my two favourite teachers!!! Ms Teo & Mr Kang :) Showed daddy his letter to us and he was like "this is good stuff". So upset with myself for doing so badly in gp. Hope I don't blank out during As man :/ wanna do him proud sigh. & myself of course! & Ms Teo, she's like a Ms Rockey! So wonderful and amazing :) love them both <3 & Ms Rockey got married on 15th October! Hae's birthday hahaha. Wishing her everlasting bliss :)

Sam and Alex.. I'm not really attached to them so I don't really have much things to say also. But they have been of great help to me in the last two years so I'll give them the credit for that! Learnt so much in the last two years from them. It's really not easy hanging out with the people you dislike. Very taxing on the body and the mind. I will get my well-deserved rest after As hahaha.

Then there's Jing, Siyi, Ju, Chloe, Mandi and that bunch of awesome people. Chan's absolutely right man. I'm indebted to T6 haha. & Ms Peh in a way haha. It's really nice that the last few months in cj wasn't as bad as last year. Happy :)

My class. is.. I have no comments haha. Guess I just have no affinity with them. Sadly. But whatever it is, I'm glad that I got to meet people like them to pre-empt me for the future and cus I got to learn from them as well. For better or for worse. Some I learnt great stuff, others I learnt that they are the type of people I definitely don't want to become. So yep.

Cj hasn't been pleasant. But it's still a chapter in my life after all. To teach me life isn't all roses I guess. Cherish my friends more now as well. & my sister. & family. By extension lol.

Feeling happy and sad. Bittersweet much. Shall play the song now. It's haengbok playing now hahaha totally supposed to be what I'm feeling but oddly enough, no.

Alright, off to bathe and see if I'm feeling sleepy. If I am I'll nap awhile.. hehe.

Cheers to Friday the nineteenth!


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