2014-05-07, 12:31 p.m.

Guess who's done with exams......!

Semester two is finally and officially over for me, it seems. It's a really bizarre feeling that sets in after the end of exams really; it's like you've just spent your entire life working towards paper after paper and suddenly when it's over, you feel so lost somehow.

It's been a really fun semester. Definitely way more happening than the first. Not too sure if I concluded it was a better semester only in the last two weeks though. What with all the crazy madness trying to digest multiple chapters for four papers in two days, I was nonetheless blessed enough to meet people who helped me survive that. I have to admit some of the days could be as unproductive as getting a mere four chapters done.. but give me the chance to relive that day and I think I'd still choose to study there.

I think this semester's been plenty about forging new friendships, revisiting old memories, forming new ones, making up for lost time, growing up. I did my best (I think..) when it came to studies and when it came to the ones I loved. No regrets there. I've loved more in this half a year, and learnt to let go of those who didn't really matter after all. Really learnt quite a bit from this semester. It's been beyond amazing honestly, meeting and speaking to people whom I never have thought I would. I've thought this a million times since two weeks ago and I still think it at least once every day now- I truly am infinitely blessed. Have no idea what I did to earn myself a ton of great bunch of friends like these people but I am incredibly grateful. From the bottom of my heart, I truly am.

Looking forward to a great summer break. Maybe not that great with some goodbyes to be said but still, it should be a pretty good one :)


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