2016-08-18, 10:51 p.m.

Nostalgia crept up and I looked at some of my posts back in 2010.. Can't believe I was typing here almost every day and almost every post had SJ in it. I've really come a long way since then.. Wow.

Another hour to mark six months here in Shanghai, living away from home and being in such an abyss. Feels like time is crawling at times but at the same time (wow I used time 3x in one sentence), it seems to pass really quickly as well. Been thinking about loads of things recently.. and about my indigestion and what caused it exactly haha but I don't have an answer for many of my thoughts. I've got 2 presentations to prep for as well but I guess I'll get down to it when I have to.

Been revisiting SJ videos lately. Old and new ones. Almost forgotten how much they can make me laugh :') it's been six/seven years since I got to know them.. can hardly believe our fake maknae is 29 and our legit maknae is 28. Time has really passed us by..

It's sad that as years go by I'm posting less frequently. I love reading old posts (even though some/most of them make me cringe hahaha) and seeing how I've grown. Being here this year makes 2016 a really memorable one.. Good, bad or ugly, every day it makes me appreciate, love, be grateful for people back home who have my backs and love me. Some people here also make life better and I am frankly in their debt always.

I am going to sleep even though I only got up at 4 today. Stomach, please stop feeling funny tomorrow.

Serena x

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